Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kishore Forex Singapore Scam

Update: May 15, 2012

Kishore newspaper ads haven't been seen all week.  A Power Up insider states that a few students who claim Kishore lied to them about his creditials have contacted the newspaper to do a uncover report on Kishore.. We hope this happens very soon. 
Please tell your friends and family to beware of Kishore, PowerUp Capital and others that they promote.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Kishore Powerup Capital Forex

Just recieved an email from PowerUp Insider, saying that Kishore does NOT give refunds.  His contract is so vague and misleading that the only way to get your money back is to call the credit card company directly and ask for a refund.  Kishore and his team are instructed to make up excuses about refunds, so you're grace period of getting a refund by the credit card company is expired.  PowerUp Capital Insider also states that sales haven't been great in the past few weeks since the MAS decision and video of Kishore's lies have been all over the internet..

Friday, 4 May 2012

Updated Kishore Singapore Forex -Power Up Capital

Kishore is up to his lies again during his 3 hour presentation.


Here is exactly what he does.. (thanks for Kishore Insider for sharing)


1.) when you walk into his event, he makes you take all your phone, ipad and all material and locks them up.  This is ridiculous.. says KI.. he says Kishore is afraid that someone might record his lies, and get him in trouble with MAS again.  MAS is currently investigation student's allegations that Kishore lied to them about trading results.  Do other speakers do this? NO!!  We need to hold speakers and presenters accountable for their claims.

2.) You are given only a piece of paper and a Pencil to take notes.

3.) He goes into his story about how he was a poor ndian and his parents fought over money.  Who Parents didn't fight over money.  HE tries to sway people with fake emotion, instead of facts.

4.)  He claims that Richard Tan and Success Resources picked him to headline thier National Achievers Event a few years ago, and they keep asking him back, but he says no.  -- This doesn't make sense.. I heard that Richard Tan and SR, received so many complaints that he is barred from EVER speaking on their stages..  I hope SR does their research before they put people on their stages..

5.) at the end of the Presentation, he does such a hard, emotion close.  He plays a video of a handicap man to try to get people to think that he cares.

6.) At the end of the presentation, he says that there is only 12 spots left, but the next day, a get a call from someone, asking me if I still want to go, and he will make room.

7.) Insiders tell me that his trader results from years ago are accurate.  But what was the initial amount.  It's easy to take 100 dollars and make it to 200 dollars in the casino.. 100% return!!  But what about 10k or a 100k? I don't think so.  Kishore claims he makes 60k in 2 weeks on average!! 

Kishore M. Forex Lying to MAS (Power Up Capital)

REAL PROOF of Kishore M LYING to the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)



Kishore Scam Facebook Revolution

Here is a link to the facebook group by a bunch of Angry Kishore Student.. Why is he giving the education industry a bad name.  Shame on Success Resources for promoting him and saying that is courses are for real.


Kishore M. at Power Up Capital Singapore

Who is Kishore M?
His name is Kishore M , founder of PowerUp Capital, and his ULTIMATE purpose is to help everyone live the life that he or she deserves.

That is the Pitch.. but recently, we found out that he is a SCAM!! or is he?  You decide, by watching this video. 

Kishore even has his own pose in the audiance as interested buyers!!  What a rip-off.